HUSNG Podcast EP 002: Vegas Lifestyle, 100k pots, and Entrepreneurship with Bryan ‘PrimordialAA’ Pellegrino

The Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast: Episode 002

Vegas Lifestyle, 100k pots, and Entrepreneurship with Bryan ‘PrimordialAA’ Pellegrino



Bryan started playing poker when he was 14 years old and became one of the best Heads Up Sit and Go poker players in the world.

He played up to the $5,000 turbos speed heads up sit and gos and also crushed the $1,000 hyper turbos. He’s been featured in Bluff Magazine, made deep runs in the $10,000 WSOP Heads Up Event and also in the WSOP Main Event.

Today, not only is he still crushing high stakes hyper turbo heads up sit and gos, but he’s also a successful entrepreneur, running multiple businesses.

“I’m never satisfied.” -Bryan Pellegrino

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In this episode of the Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast, you’ll learn:


Primo How Bryan found his way to Heads Up Sit and Gos.

“The tournament schedule was just so bad for a Euro schedule. Anytime I went deep in anything I was up till 5am, 6am, 10am, and it was just way too hard to do that an manage anything. So I ended up switching over and playing Heads Up exclusively.”

 – His thoughts on the new Spin-and-Go format. 

 “I can see why fish love them – it’s super addicting.”

 – His opinion about reg wars, and how playing regs has affected his game. 

 “Most of the games I’m playing right now is battling regs – which is good because it lets me study and keeps my game sharp and  I think I’m not losing any of my edge at all. Whereas if I was just grinding fish I would be getting slowly getting worse by not studying, and not staying on top of having to face high level opponents.”

 – How he feels his poker skills have translated into real world business skills and helped him be successful as an entrepreneur. 

 “Biggest 2 biggest things that translate well for someone moving from poker to something else: 1. My ability to just put in extremely long hours with a solely focused goal is extremely helpful in the start-up world. 2. The ability to look at things rationally and evaluate them in terms of risk & reward.”

 – How he made a super deep run in the WSOP Main Event, finishing 42nd overall – he was 1 hand away from being top 3 with only 45 players left!

– Some really funny degenerate stories about living in Vegas with out high stake Heads up Sit and Go poker players!


 BONUS: Bryan talks about some $100,000 pots he’s won and lost playing cash games!


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