HUSNG PODCAST EP 001: From Teacher to 6-Figure Grinder with Paul ‘Cog Dis’ Collins

The Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast: Episode 001

From Teacher to 6-Figure Grinder with Paul ‘Cog Dis’ Collins




Not too long ago, Paul was a school teacher making $2,000 a month.

Then he started playing heads up sit and gos part time, grinding the micro stake games. Eventually, he began making $400 a month playing the $5.00 games. And that was just the begining.

“It was unbelievable that I can make money from playing a game…”

Fast forward to today: Paul has been playing professionally for nearly 7 years and has broken the 6-figure mark on both Full Tilt and Pokerstars, having crushed regular speed games, turbos and now hyper turbos.

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In this episode of the Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast, you’ll learn:



 – How poker allowed Paul to move to the tropical paradise of Bali, build a villa, and have the freedom to spend time with his kids. He explains it as having:

“A nice lifestyle in a really cool country, and a lot of time with my family.”

 – How he told his wife that he was going to buy a house with his poker winnings.

“I told my wife that I was going to save up 20,000 for a deposit on a house and it was gonna come from poker. She laughed in my face and thought I was completely insane and that it would never happen. Eventually I did get the deposit just by playing poker, which was cool.”

– How he virtually predicted Black Friday.

“I could actually feel [Black Friday] coming, and I had been telling my friends to get their money offline..”

– How he nearly got stuck having to pay $10,000 for 1 hour of coaching.

– Paul also gives his opinion on the new Spin and Go format, and much, much more.

Here are a few EPIC pictures of his Villa….


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