HUSNG PODCAST EP 004: Understanding Ranges, Playing Turbos, and Turn/River Play with Jonathan ‘faarcyde’ Farrup

The Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast: Episode 004

Understanding Ranges, Playing Turbos, and Turn/River Play with Jonathan ‘faarcyde’ Farrup




He started playing online poker during the Christmas holidays of 2006,  when he saw his mom playing cash games on PartyPoker.

From playing recreationally, to crushing the $60, $100 and $200 turbo speed games for years, Faarcyde attributes all of his success to his work ethic and his determination to succeed.

Even though most players have been moving away from the turbo speed format, Faarcyde has made it his home, understanding that this niche format fits his personality and skill set much better than other formats do.

He is currently a Silverstar on Sharkscope, coming it at 19th for Best 100 Streak Av Profit 2014 for HUSNG Regular and Deep $36-$100 and 18th Overall for Heads Up Sit and Go Turbos $36-100$ in 2014. 

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In this episode of the Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast, you’ll learn:


 –  How he credits all his success to learning poker through strategy videos.  faarup 

“I wasn’t a natural enough in poker to succeed on my own. I had to work harder than everybody else.” 

 – How everyone can work their way up and play high stakes.

“The difference between a $500-$1,000 player and a $100 grinder is really not that big.”

 – Why we need to stop over complicating the game.

“It’s really about just playing solid and playing creatively. There’s not magic formula. It’s really not that complicated.”

 – How to adjust your ranges when playing a recreational player vs playing a regular.

“You need to look at the game in the same way as your opponent – you don’t need to play the same way, but you need to see it the same way.”

– Why you need to surround yourself with other grinders in order to keep improving.

“I trade hand histories with other players…and then they send me back notes, and I’m like WOW.”


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