HUSNG PODCAST EP 005: Metagame, Starcraft, and A Positive Outlook on HUSNG with “Katipo”

The Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast: Episode 005

Metagame, Starcraft and A Positive Outlook on HUSNG with “Katipo”



He was always interested in technology, computers and games. When he was younger, this natural curiosity to figure things out and solve puzzles led him to strategy games like Age of Empires and Starcraft. As he got older, that curiosity slowly evolved into him becoming an elite chess player.

Through watching chess strategy videos, trying to improve his game, he found online poker.

Although the begining of his poker career wasn’t too glamours – playing for fake money and then transitioning into cash games with 1 cent/2 cent blinds, he slowly made his way to the top.

He’s now playing $200 to $500 buy-in level and is considered one of the top players at those levels.

P.S. If you’re into video games (especially Starcraft) you’ll love this episode.


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In this Episode of the Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast, You’ll Learn:

– Why the games aren’t as tough as people say they are.

“The games are still soft enough that a player who is truly dedicated can still do great at it.”

– Why you should be playing HUSNG.

“Naturally the edge in heads up is going to be higher.”  

“It’s still one of the most profitable formats that exist. There’s a lot of money to be made.” 

– Playing Heads Up Sit and Gos as an American poker player.

“The climate is not as difficult as people expect in the US…you can still do very well.”

– How his skills as a Starcraft player translated to understanding thought process in Heads Up Sit and Gos.

“You have over 100 actions per minute in most cases…you have to multitask in a way that can transfer to poker.”

– What mid stake players need to do in order to move up to the high stakes.

“You should play the regs…as long as the site is not terrible in terms of rewards…you can afford to play regs and beat the rake at the same time.”

– Some advice on metagame.

“While  metagame is important, you should still try to play reasonable within the rages you that have.”

– His outlook for 2015.

“There’s so much I can work on as far as poker goes. Poker is still going to be my main source of income, but I hope to expand more into stocks..”


“Yeah, the games are getting tougher, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of profit to be made from them. And, there’s also a lot of ways to improve.”


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