HUSNG Podcast EP 003: Motivation, Productivity, and Goal Setting with Primoz Bozic

The Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast: Episode 003

Motivation, Productivity, and Goal Setting with Primoz Bozic.



Primoz is a former professional poker player turned productivity guru.

He’s created a world famous guide to poker productivity that’s received over 100,000 views and been translated into multiple languages.

Primoz has taught his productivity and motivation systems to poker players for years, from micro stake grinders, all the way up to professionals who played as high as NL $10,000.

He is currently taking his business to the next level by consulting entrepreneurs and high level executives from all over the world.

Struggling with motivation? Want to put in a higher volume of games per month? Need help setting goals and sticking to them? This episode is for YOU!

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In this episode of the Heads Up Sit and Go Podcast, you’ll learn:


Primoz – Learning how to use systems to stay motivated and on track. 

“Motivation comes and goes…You want to be able to develop some type of consistency and in order to do that, we need to develop systems.”

 – How to plan ahead, so you actually do what you said you were going to do.

“As long as you have certain solutions prepared, its much more likely that you’re going to follow through with them compared to if you have no plan at all.”

 – How to use 20 minute nap to recharge your focus and come back refreshed.

“Even just laying doing for just 20 minutes, just being not constantly being in front of the computer getting information in you, that ultimately helps you recover, helps your mind get the space that it needs to preform later on.”

 – How to use outsourcing in your everyday life to save time and mental energy, so you can channel it into doing something more important. 

“Instead of trying to fix everything that once, just focus on the things that are important.”

– Using goal setting like Bill Gates, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods do, in order to create clarity and direction.

“If you don’t have things written down, exactly what you want, how can you really track your progress? How can you really see if you improved?”

– The importance of having a mentor.

“Find people who have already done it, ask them how they did it, see what you’re doing differently than they’re doing, and just start doing the things you aren’t doing yet. You might not be as successful as them, but you’ll get at least 20% of the way.”

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