How I found inspiration to jump off a 35 foot cliff in Thailand.

I’m a very safe person – so, when I was standing on the edge of a 35 foot cliff overlooking the Andaman Sea in Thailand, I faced a dilemma. To jump or not to jump.

Since I’m afraid of heights, this was a very uncomfortable position for me.

Should I face my fears and literally take a leap of faith, or just play it safe and do things as I always have in the past? The more I stood there and thought about it, the less I wanted to jump.

Do you ever think about trying something new…and then do NOTHING about it? I know I have in the past and I always regret it later on. And the worst part is: I climbed up there specifically to jump. But once I got there, I wanted to bail.


It happens to everyone. We make the climb to the top of the metaphorical cliff and then never actually jump. We never take action. And because of that, we never achieve our goals. Even when our initial reason for climbing in the first place, was specifically to jump.

But, do you know what really helped me take action? Seeing people jump before me.

So, it got me thinking…

Seeing someone else accomplish something you want to accomplish really helps give you the strength to take a leap of faith to accomplish it too. It’s inspiring to hear success stories because it makes you realize that if someone else can do it, why can’t you?

If you’re on my mailing list, it’s likely because you want to improve your game in some way, shape or form. Whether you’re a beginner or already a regular – you have goals you want to achieve. So let me show you some inspiring stories that may be able to help you realize you’re goals are worth chasing.

 Art quit online poker because he had lost over $2,500 playing online. He started playing live poker while hoping that one day he would be able to beat the online games. But he never actually did anything to change it! This was until we chatted on Skype and he realized that he was at the top of the cliff and he just needed to jump. He then used my Heads Up Mastermind Video Course and made over $5,800 online the very next month.


**Hope is not a strategy.**


Mike was a breakeven player: he made $143 after playing 3,138 heads up sit and gos. No matter how many games he played, he just wasn’t making any money. He was cranking out volume, spending hours at his laptop every day, but he had nothing to show for it. Using my Heads Up Mastermind Course, he quickly discovered the right pre-flop ranges to use and how to adjust versus different opponents. The following month, he made $1,530 and increased his ROI by 3x.

Mike’s graph before taking the leap and investing in himself by purchasing the HU Mastermind Videos:


Mike’s graph after going through all the videos in the HU Video Pack:



Sometimes all it takes is one person to inspire you and make you believe that you can do it too. Now it’s up to you to actually do it!

Feel free to share this blog post with a friend who needs that little extra push to make them jump himself :)

If Art and Mike could do it, you can do it too. I believe in you!

-Michael (fydor_8)