Understanding how to accept slow progress and not expect overnight success: The concept of progression.

I rarely talk about my ROI and how much money I’ve made playing Heads Up Sit and Gos because I’d rather focus on the success of my students. That’s the true sign of valuable coaching and content.

It’s also because I remember how important inspiration was to me when I first started out. Seeing success stories of players who went from struggling at the low stakes to crushing high buy-in games made me realize that poker was learnable. If they could do it, so could I. I just needed to take the first step and find a way to learn what they seemed to know.

Slowly but surely.

Step by step.

Until I made it

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking. Ultimately, the way you way you view things allows you to either think they’re possible or impossible. Let me show you how I saw things when I first started out…so you know that you can achieve it too if you look at it the same way. Keep in mind, I started out playing 1 cent / 2 cent limit on Absolute Poker back in the day and within a few years I was playing the $220 buy-in level for HUSNG.

  1. Is it possible to make simply 1$ a day playing online poker? Assuming I showed you what games to play, the pre-flop ranges to follow, and the psychology behind population tendencies that were formed by analyzing hundreds of thousands of data points – I think that’s pretty easy to achieve. (30 days = 30$ which is approximately $360 a year)
  2. How can I double that within 3 months? You can either increase your ROI or move up in stakes. I think that after 3 months of playing, moving up in stakes and maintaining your ROI is very reasonable as well. (30 days = 60$ which is approximately $720 a year)
  3. Could I turn that into $1,000 a month? Definitely not right away but with some hard work and guidance you can. I know this because I have many students who are currently making that much, and more.

This is the mindset I had and I followed it to make as much as $9,000 a month playing Heads Up Sit and Gos. This is also the mindset I teach to my students and the main reason why they get results while other people don’t.

This is what I mean when I talk about progression – because if you try to skyrocket your way to the top overnight, two things happen: 1) either it’s too daunting and you don’t even take the first step because of fear paralysis, or 2) you start off like a bat out of hell with all the motivation and inspiration in the world but quickly realize that there’s no way you can make that much money right away, and you quit.

Accepting reasonable goals is the best way to accept slow and steady progression. Instead of dreaming of making $100,000 a year playing online poker and NEVER ACTUALLY STARTING, why not accept a modest $1,000 a month and ACTUALLY MAKE IT.

It seems as though people rather dream of making 100k and make $0 in real life, than set a goal of making $1,000 a month and actually getting there, or close to it.

Just think about the opportunities that would become possible with an extra $1,000 a month. I’m not saying you need to quit your job and play online poker professionally (although some of my students have), but just consider the added benefit of creating a side income through online poker and supplementing your current income by $1,000 a month. Would you travel? Buy that 60 inch flat screen you’ve wanted? Start your own business? These are all added luxuries my students have been able to treat themselves to once they changed their mindset and took action towards their goals.



The first item I bought with my poker winnings was a $3,000 watch.

When I started playing, there’s no way I could have imagined that I would be where I am today. But it all started with accepting small goals and understanding the progression principle I mentioned above.

Every successful player started somewhere. They slowly progressed and gradually improved.

And even though the majority of people in online poker forums keep complaining that the games are dead and there’s no more money to be made playing online poker anymore, people like razvanel1987 are having $10,000 months.

So, you need to start thinking about it this way:

If someone is going it to it, why shouldn’t it be me?

Stop accepting that other people can do it and you can’t. Trust me: poker is a game that is 100% teachable and therefore 100% learnable.

I did it.

Hundreds of my students have done it.

Now it’s your turn.

Today I want you to take one small step forward by putting aside all those negative thoughts that keep creeping into your head. Ignore the “You can’t do it…you’re not good enough…stop while you’re ahead…why do I run so bad…the games are too tough now…the rake is too high…spin and gos ruined my life…blah blah blah”.

Stop with all the negative talk and stop comparing yourself to all the high stake pros who are making millions of dollars. That would be like signing up for a GYM membership and then after 2 days of working out, comparing your physique to a bodybuilder’s and saying “WHY DON’T I LOOK LIKE HIM YET??”

Things worth achieving take time. Once you accept that you’ll be on the right path to making small incremental gains which ultimately add up as you advance through the progression ladder.

Comment below if you’re taking action today. Let me know how you feel after putting all the negativity aside. You got this!

-Michael (fydor_8)

P.S. When I first started, I would have killed for a “playbook” I could follow instead of just learning through trial and error. I understand the value of investing in myself and how it can be a great way to accelerate my learning curve. After all, we all paid for our college education, so we understand the value of educational courses. So, if you want to invest in yourself and improve your poker game faster than ever before, check out my HU Mastermind Video Course.